2 Replies to “SkeeBall In All Its Glory”

  1. I don’t recall the proprietor of the boardwalks games (Skeeball, Pokerino and Facination) in Edgemere during the summers of 1953-4, but I did get to know the major domo of these games on the Long Beach boardwalk in the late ’50s and early ’60s. No one could not know Izzy Faber. Izzy could bee seen and heard nightly in front of his establishments. Standing there in shorts with his boney knees protruding and long stick with the Cat’s Paw hell attached to the end, he would bark out, “Everybody plays, everybody wins.”

  2. We went to Rockaway Beach in NY. My dad could play skeeball for hours. We also visited an archery range often. Then pizza!

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