Bruce Baumwoll and His Wonderful World of Cross Stitch

All the Cross Stitch’s shown here were made by Martha Schulkin, Roslyn Baumwoll and Bruce Baumwoll.

I have always loved Cross Stitch. From the moment I opened my eyes they were there.

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Click here to see my Cross Stitch Gallery

1952 – Bruce Baumwoll and Aunt Martha Schulkin with her bag of knitting

Installation of Andrew Reach’s Artwork QUADRANS CIRCULI at The Cray Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Sears Think[Box] at Case Western Reserve University

I’m honored that my husband Andrew Reach’s artwork Quadrans Circuli I has found a home at the Cray Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Sears Think[Box] at Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering. On Floor 6, the Cloud L. Cray Jr. & Sally Hunter Cray Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship houses resources for turning an invention into a market-ready product: the Tech Transfer Office, Intellectual Property Venture Clinic, Burton D. Morgan Suite for Entrepreneurship and CWRU LaunchNET for business planning and mentorship.

at The Cray Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Think[Box] at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH

Dr. Kildaire Show – 1962 – Tiger Tiger starring Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain

How many of us watch Dr. Kildare with a very young Richard Chamberlain.   My family and I never missed a Show. I fell in Love with Yvette Mimieux when I was about 10. I saw her on TV in Tiger Tiger. Her smile, her vulnerability, resonated with my soul.   They went on to star in the film  Joy In The Morning. Both are beautiful souls. 

My little film on- Joy In The Morning


MV5BMTk1MzEwMDQxOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDA4MzM2._V1_SY450_SX427_Richard Chamberlain

sweater-yvetteYvette Mimieux

richard_chamberlain26Richard Chamberlain

yvette_mimieux_neworange_CNzndGd.sizedYvette Mimieux

three-stars-shine2_daleRichard Chamberlain

TYGTYG-LIFEYvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux continues her surfing. She and Kildare go to the beach at night and they “make out”. He is infatuated with her but cant get her to accept the epilepsy. She has many smaller siezures. Kildare meets all the beach bums and beatnicks of that time. Ultimately she goes for a surf, catches the wave off her life and has a grand mal siezure at the same time. She drowns and Kildare is there to pronounce her dead. GREAT episode with a sad ending.

TYGTYG-PHOTO1Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


hqdefaultYvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


















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My Husband Andrew Reach and I Surprised When A New Sun of his Suddenly Appeared While Watching CBS Sunday Morning Broadcast January 9, 2022 About TikTok Star Adam Waheed and Other Comedians

My husband Andrew Reach and I were watching the show CBS Sunday Morning, as we always do and suddenly, totally surprised, there it was, a new sun of Andrew’s appeared on the screen for just a couple of seconds after a segment about TikTok. The segment was about the rise of comedians on TikTok including the comedian star Adam Waheed with over 15 million TikTok followers and comedians Harry Leibow, Sarah Barnitt and Sam Ramsdell.

Another one of his suns appeared on the show 3 times in the past. Jessica Frank, the CBS “Sun Queen” had emailed him the day before on Saturday sun he had submitted was going to air but Andrew didn’t look at his emails on Saturday, hence it was a surprise. We’re glad we didn’t know in advance as it’s surprise lifted our spirits. Something we needed.

Andrew Reach’s Eye Sun
Screenshot on CBS News Online of Andrew Reach’s Sun that was shown on the Broadcast on January 9, 2022. It appeared after a segment about TikTok
Segment on CBS Sunday Morning about the rise of comedians on TikTok including Adam Waheed and others. At the end of the segment Andrew’s sun appears.

See this earlier post about his other sun that aired multiple times on CBS Sunday Morning.