Baumwoll Archives Presents – LGBTQIA Pride 2022 – We Will Never Go Back

LGBTQIA Pride 2022 – We Will Never Go Back
My husband Andrew Reach and I are together for 40+ years. I’m now 70 years old finally free to be myself. I grew up in the 1950’s and was called a sissy before I even knew what a sissy meant. In commemoration of Gay Pride Month, especially in these difficult times, I put this video together to inspire young generation to soldier on in our continuing quest for equality.

Bruce Baumwoll & Andrew Reach 1991 at rally at the California State Capitol Building in Sacramento in protest of Governer Pete Wilson’s veto of Bill AB101 Gay Rights Legislation.

Bruce Baumwoll & Andrew Reach 1981
We lived our life openly from the moment we met.

I Love Lucy – The Ricardo’s & The Mertz’s – Desi Arnaz Sings “Babalu”

In these crazy times we live in,
we all just need some more
I Love Lucy.

Hear Desi Arnaz perform his original song Babalu with his orchestra.

Vivian Vance and Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz from I Love Lucy
Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball receiving one of their many Emmy’s for I Love Lucy

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Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance at the Emmy’s
The Kitchen set from I Love Lucy
The Living Room set from I Love Lucy
Tea Cup and Saucer used in I Love Lucy
Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Keith Thibodeaux, Vivian Vance & William Frawley
Lucille Ball
Vivian Vance, Lucille Ball and William Frawley

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# In progress – Andrew Reach’s 3d printed sculpture – Visualization in Blender

Amazing new #WIP (work in progress) by Andrew Reach for the Archives’ upcoming “W/O Limits: Art, Chronic Illness, & Disability” exhibition. Creating using Reach’s formidable #design skills, the sculpture will come to life using #3D printing technology. Best yet? It’s made to be touched by visitors, including those with visual impairments. The show opens #September 22nd!

Hash Symbol 3d printed sculpture by Andrew Reach
Visualization in Blender

Hash Symbol 3d printed sculpture by Andrew Reach
Visualization in Blender
Hash Symbol 3d printed sculpture by Andrew Reach
Visualization in Blender

# In progress – 3d printed sculpture
Visualization in Blender

I’m honored to be one of several artists to be in the upcoming show in December “W/O Limits: Art, Chronic Illness, & Disability” exhibition curated by Megan Alves and Mindy Tousley of the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve. The Artists Archives has been awarded a grant from the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities where the organization will be able to incorporate strategies to increase accessibility with among others the use of braille and a 3d printed tactile sculpture for the visually impaired.

Megan asked if I would be interested in doing this for the exhibition and I accepted, excited with the anticipation of revisiting shifting into 3 dimensions and also working again with Think[Box] at Case Western Reserve University. In progress is a 3d Hash symbol with elements that make it accessible to the visually impaired. A modular system of 80 individually printed blocks connected together alternating between hash symbols in negative relief and positive relief form a bold singular Hash symbol. Primary colors and black and white provide bold contrast between the parts. The deep cuts into each block project shadows making it both tactile and with a sharply delineated pattern.

As an art object unto itself, the hash symbol with its use in hash-tagging represents our modern times; good and bad; where data is turned into meta-data; where information is categorized and made searchable; where so many find their voices amongst the billions of souls vying to be seen and heard; to share beauty, happiness, injustices, sadness…everything, while other voices use the hashtag to tear down multi-culturalism.

Baumwoll And Reach Have A House Guest, A Rooster Comes To Visit To Sleep Over

Well, after 10 days after being dropped off across the street and no one coming to find him, he seems to have settled into his day. After running around all day all over the place, he comes back to our house and stays on the front porch each night and sleeps. Our neighbors are trying to find it a new home. Our next door neighbor have a plan. What I want to know is why my house? Up until this moment in time, I have never met a Rooster in my life let alone had coffee with one. It has brought a lot of smiles and laughs to us and many others. The little gifts in life. It’s all how you see it I guess. I hope you enjoy my little film.

Bruce Baumwoll And Andrew Reach Have A Rooster Come Visit

Baumwoll Archives Presents Rooster Sings To Me & We Find Him A Safe Home – Henry Mancini Peter Gunn

Well Its been fun I guess, having a rooster come stay at night. However, he is safe now and in a good home. Now I don’t think I will ever eat chicken again.