Baumwoll And Reach Have A House Guest, A Rooster Comes To Visit To Sleep Over

Well, after 10 days after being dropped off across the street and no one coming to find him, he seems to have settled into his day. After running around all day all over the place, he comes back to our house and stays on the front porch each night and sleeps. Our neighbors are trying to find it a new home. Our next door neighbor have a plan. What I want to know is why my house? Up until this moment in time, I have never met a Rooster in my life let alone had coffee with one. It has brought a lot of smiles and laughs to us and many others. The little gifts in life. It’s all how you see it I guess. I hope you enjoy my little film.

Bruce Baumwoll And Andrew Reach Have A Rooster Come Visit

Baumwoll Archives Presents Rooster Sings To Me & We Find Him A Safe Home – Henry Mancini Peter Gunn

Well Its been fun I guess, having a rooster come stay at night. However, he is safe now and in a good home. Now I don’t think I will ever eat chicken again.