Photographs of The Rockaways

Photo By Matthew Carson

Photographer unkown

Photo By: Emilio Fuerra

The black and white photos that are next are some of the most haunting of a place that once had such life. There is such a beauty in these photographs such a stillness.

Photographer unknown

all the black and white

photos are by the same person

Bungalows And Bungalows And More Bungalows The Rockaway We All Remember

There were thousands of bunglows in the Rockaways here are just a few. There are other bungalows photos  in other older posts also. They were a special place where one could go for a summer and it would be your home for that season. Many families went back to the same one or same court. This was a special time in our history.

My brother Bobby Baumwoll  in front of our house
on Beach 38th street

My Cousin Lynn running to the corner of Sprayview Ave
and Beach 38th Street

All these black and white photos are from the New York Archive, all were seen and used for the wonderful documentary By Jennifer Callahan ” The Bungalows of Rockaway”

All the above photos are from Jennifer Callahan’s

The Bungalows Of Rockaway

Photo By: Martha Cooper

Photo By: Martha Cooper

Photo By : Martha Cooper

Photo By : Martha Cooper

Photo By : Martha Cooper

Photo By : Martha Cooper

Photo By: Ken Kensinger

Photo By : Ken Kensinger

Photo By : Richard George

Photo By: Richard George

photographer Unknown 

photographer unknown