Welcome to My New Photo Galleries: Beginning with the Great Architectural Wonder – Pennsylvania Station, New York City

Below are a sample of photographs from  a new gallery of Historic photographs of Pennsylvania Station, New York City; one of the great architectural achievements.

Penn Station was designed by the Architectural firm Mckim Mead & White. I have a particular interest in buildings done by Stanford White. While I was living at Ellen Burstyn’s house, one of the places that I got to visit some friends was Stanford White’s victorian mansion, where he lived at the time of his death from being murdered. By Harry K. Thaw, over the girl on the red velvet swing Evelyn Nesbit in 1906.

The demolition of Penn Station in 1963 was a great loss to the architectural heritage of New York City and was a catalyst in sparking a more vigorous movement of Historic Preservation in the United States. From a thesis written by Eric J. Plosky for his masters degree in City Planning at MIT, he writes:

By 1963, changing economic conditions and the evolving nature of passenger transportation prompted the Pennsylvania Railroad to announce plans to see development rights on the Penn Station Site. The station would be demolished and replaced with the new Madison Square Garden complex; the railroad would create a new underground “Penn Station” beneath the Garden. These plans prompted tremendous public and editorial outcry on a scale never before seen, thus beginning the historic preservation movement in New York City.

Drug Store & soda fountin 1910 Detroit Publishing company

Many of these Photos are taken from Facebook and from people all over. Many come from the Facebook page Long Island Places No More. Others are taken from Google and many books of New York City.  None of these photos will ever be used to sell or be reproduced. Like facebook, I’m just compiling these to share so that others can see a place that once was. If there are any photos that are copyrighted, please email me and let me know and I will provide copyright attribution and link to your site if you have one, or if you wish I will remove it from the gallery.


The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Movie Stills and Video Scenes

 Gene Tierney,   Rex Harrison,  George Sanders,  Natalie Wood,  Edna Best, Vanessa Brown,  Anna Lee, Robert Coote,  Isobel Elsom,  Victoria Horne. 

This page shows Movie Stills from the Film The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

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Jewish Life in Warsaw Poland Before 1945

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Warsaw is a city very painfully experienced by history. For being a significant and dramatic events during the Second World War, paid the ultimate price – almost ceased to exist. Disappeared respected cultural center, disappeared impressive neoclassical palaces, art nouveau buildings, parks, squares. Gone all the infrastructure before the war considered to be one of the most modern in Europe.

On the ruins of Warsaw was completely new – the memory of the old closed in albums and memories of people. Today, no one is even able to imagine how impressive and inspiring was the city ..
With my own eyes!

We give you Warsaw, they do not know! For the first time after 66 years! Throughout the pre-war architectural splendor of the metropolis! Meticulously reconstructed in 3D!

See the city, which before the war was enchanted the whole of Europe, describing them as Paris of the North!

Warsaw’s reconstruction project in 3D technology is the work of studio animation and VFX Newborn of Praga district. Originator, Thomas Gomola,
already 3 years ago planned to reconstruct the historic original building in Warsaw and restore the unique atmosphere of the city.

wanted to re-establish the memory of the former glory of the Polish capital. But it was the studio Newborn and napping in his band made a huge creative potential, the idea of reconstruction becomes final, the impressive shape. Work on the “Warsaw 1935” lasted nearly three years.

The scale and breadth of this project is the fact that it is a project without precedent. No one had ever made such a challenge.
Newborn planned and carried out the entire production process, from the very beginning, working quietly. Everything you see will soon come to life …

Warsaw 1935
Country of production: Poland
Production year: 2011
3D movie
3D Album

Warsaw in all its splendor
pre-war metropolis! Meticulously reconstructed in the film
completed in 3D technology!
See the town, which before the war would marvel at the whole of Europe,
defining them as the Paris of the North!
The project “Warszawa 1935” discovers a whole new image our
the recent past. Available old photographs reveal only the outline of the shape
the city, building incomplete image beautifully, cultural richness and
the meaning of Warsaw just 75 years ago.
The first taxi, gas lanterns, asphalted roads, beautiful, dangerous
the first races, Poland, Polish aircraft, fashion and beauty canons
Ladies and distinguished gentlemen. Theatres, cinemas, art and film.
Times abounding in proposing technical solutions and visions
the mad progress, but also in many respects analogous to the present.
The great depression of the 1930s-1920s, with all its consequences. Difficult politics,
Unfortunately, the effects of which we know.
Design for reconstruction of Warsaw in 3D technology is the work of Studio Newborn
SP. z o.o. animation and vfx with Warsaw, Prague, whose founder is Thomas
Gomoła and Ernest Rogalski.
The originator of the project is Tomasz Gomoła in 2007, the planned reconstruction
the true spirit of Warsaw and recreate the unique atmosphere of the city,
which form the transport architecture: the first taxis, gas lanterns,
asphalted roads. automobile and motorcycles. Fashion and beauty canons. Elegant women
and sophisticated men.
2 years ago Studio Newborn, make use of napping on his team
huge creative potential that made the idea of rebuilding began to quiz
the real, the impressive shape. About the scale and grandeur of this project provides
the fact that this project is without precedent. Nobody had made such a
Production of the film began over three years ago and today we are approaching to the day
premieres. Besides the unprecedented scale of the 3D scenery, a lot of effort required
meeting documentation, play architectural forms and the atmosphere only in
based on the available photographs.
Reconstruction of contemporary cars, trams and horse carriages also
required reference materials, access to which was not easy and required
long exploration and analysis. The most helpful source of information has proved
page maintained by true lovers and enthusiasts in Warsaw
zawiadujących from the years party www.warszawa1939.pl. From this place we respect and we are full recognition for their work, in addition we used Herder
Institut, Audio vis, Sky Scryper City and with the national archives in Warsaw.
The current stage of production are: the final rendering.
“Newborn”-professional animation and post-production studio located on the
Warsaw, Prague.
Studio specializes in creating 3D animation, 2D, artwork, graphics,
computer and the implementation of any digital special effects on
film production and advertising needs. Always effectively trying to
each project, which it is born, met with warm reception from
part of the audience.

Below are video and small films from before 1945

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