My Great Grandparents

Yosef Baumwoll – My Great Grandfather
Beile (Bella) Baumwoll – My Great Grandparents

These are my great grandparents Yosef Baumwoll and Beile (Bella) Baumwoll. I am named after my great grandmother and their oldest son Samuel Baumwoll. They had four daughters and two sons. My grandfather Nathan was the second youngest of the siblings. Their youngest daughter was named Sadie. Next is Fela, then Adele and Anna is the oldest. Up until a few months ago I was never told what had happened to my grandparents or their daughters.  I didn’t even know if they had made it to America. I’m still looking for where they are. I don’t know when they died or where they are buried.  I’m looking for this side of the family.


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