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New Gay Films – The Trailers

Joy In The Morning – Starring Dr Kildare’s , Richard Chamberlain & Yvette Mimieux – “Joy in the Morning” sung by Richard Chamberlain

One of Richard Chamberlains first films since Playing Dr. Kildare

From Wikipedia:
Joy in the Morning
is a 1965 American f directed by Alex Segal. It was adapted from the 1963 novel by Betty Smith. The film stars Richard Chamberlain as Carl Brown, and Yvette Mimieux as Annie McGairy Brown. The musical score for the film is done by Bernard Herrmann, and the title song is performed by Richard Chamberlain.

18-year old Brooklynite Annie McGairy has moved to the Midwest to marry her law-student love Carl Brown. The couple must overcome many obstacles including disapproval from their parents, who knew each other before emigrating to America from Ireland, financial problems, and Annie’s sexual insecurities. These problems are all compounded when Annie discovers she is pregnant.

After a heated argument, Annie leaves Carl and returns to Brooklyn to live with her mother. She doesn’t tell Carl she is pregnant because she doesn’t want to burden him while he’s working on his education.

Ultimately, Annie realizes that her family should be together, and Carl forgives her for leaving him because he believes that his child deserves happiness. The couple embrace at the train station and vow to stay together.

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