The Extraordinary Kodachrome Photographs by Murray Cooper from the Library of Barbara Cooper

I’m proud to be a part of presenting the photographs of Murray Cooper loaned to the Edgemere Archive from the Library of Barbara Cooper, his daughter. These are one of a kind kodachrome slide photographs.  They belong in a museum they were taken between 1958-1961. The place you see no longer exists and yet in the photographs you can still feel the energy and the impulse of the photographer to capture life on the boardwalk and the beach  as it truly was.

These extraordinary photographs that have never been published before I believe will be compared with Margaret Bourke-White and the great photographers of the last century. The kodachrome colors are dazzling. As a hobby, he was a serious photographer and they go beyond being merely everyday snapshots to transcending to be fine works of art as only a true artist can. Each photograph is beautifully composed. When I first received these from Barbara Cooper, age had taken it’s toll on them and they required major color restoration. All in total right now Barbara has send 65 images, These are but the first few. More to come !

Another thing for me personally that is very exciting is that many of the photographs have my grandfathers house in them. It is the large brown house on the right.

Bruce Baumwoll

A quintesential photograph of life on the boardwalk at Beach 38th Street - The boy with his back to us might be me on the left (Bruce Baumwoll)
One of the families from from the bunglows, from Beach 38th Street at the Boardwalk - The big brown house right off the boardwalk was my families house on the boardwalk you can see Meyers Knishes, And the stand closest to my house, Where I got all my egg creams, I can feel the floor with my bare feet.
Another family from the bungalow colony on Beach 38th Street - Look at the wonderful steps
Another family from the Bungalow colony - Notice the life on the boardwalk
This photograph by Murray Cooper is a wonderful photo capturing life in the bungalows in Edgemere and all of the Rockaways - These bungalows were towards Edgemere Avenue
An amazing shot - the life of the boardwalk at Beach 38th Street notice the rented chair that she is on, they are all over the photos another part of a time long gone
Sunbathers from the bungalow colony - Notice the Coca-Cola signs in the background - "I want an orange ices, large."
Barbara Coopers grandfather at Beach 38th Street - Notice Meyers Knishes stand on the boardwalk
Another wonderful view of beach life and boardwalk life - Notice the place to the right , They had the best italian ices
Barbara Cooper and her Aunt Lil at one of the Beach 38th Street Bungalow Colony's
One of Murray Cooper's favorite subjects to photograph, the lovely Mrs. Cooper on the Jetty at Beach 38th Street