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Gay Fun – Male Movie Stars Strutting Their Stuff Video – Come Look At My Galleries

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Gay Films Of 2014

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Grooms Cake ( official Trailer)

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A Man, His Lover and His Mom

Angie Fowler Young Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Institute at University Hospitals installs Artwork “There’s No Place To Hide” by Andrew Reach

Thanks to a generous donation, I’m honored that the artwork titled “There’s No Place To Hide” by my partner Andrew Reach engages the environment of the new Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. The design by Stanley Beamon & Sears is very innovative as is all of their work especially in healthcare. Instead of a large centrally located nurses station that many times is far from the patients they serve, smaller nurses stations, designed as alcoves are placed directly adjacent to patients. Click here to see photos of the Institute from the Architects website. It is at one of these nurses stations that his artwork is placed. For this location, Tom Huck, curator of the art collection at University Hospitals, selected artworks from different artists to present to the donors. From this group, they chose “There’s No Place To Hide”.

From University Hospitals Website:

Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute: Bringing Treatment and Discovery to New Heights

“We believe the institute will become a magnet, attracting top clinicians and researchers. This will be a leading adolescent and young adult (AYA) treatment facility in the U.S. It will attract the attention of top caregivers, physicians and researchers who will be empowered by the common goal of better outcomes and greater cure rates for AYA cancer patients. Angie’s Institute will fill the very real need of helping young patients in treatment feel normal while they are fighting their illnesses.”

– Char and Chuck Fowler

Charlotte A. and Charles D. Fowler, and their daughters and sons-in-law, Chann Fowler-Spellman and Edward F. Spellman and Holley Fowler Martens and Robert F. Martens, made theAngie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital a reality through their $17 million gift. This is the largest known gift in support of adolescent and young adult, or AYA, cancer.The institute is named in memory of the Fowlers’ daughter, Angie, who died at age 14 after battling melanoma. While there have been many advancements in cancer care for adults and children, the survival rate for young adults and teenagers with cancer has seen little improvement over the past three decades. Although tragedy struck the Fowler family, they decided to create something positive from their loss.

Click here to give gift to University Hospitals Pediatric Cancer Program.

There's No Place To Hide - Angie Fowler Young Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Institute

There's No Place To Hide - Angie Fowler Young Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Institute

This is the text on the wall label and also on the label is a thumbnail of the whimsy shown below:

The work ‘There’s No Place to Hide’ features one of my whimsies hidden in a grid of circles and undulating sweeps of color. My whimsies are creatures of my imagination, free of pain and unencumbered from gravity and able to move through the world without constriction. If you look at the work you might find the whimsy, but to help out, the whimsy hidden in it is shown below.Whimsy

There's No Place To Hide

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Film of Virtual Digital Recreation of the City of Warsaw As It Looked in 1935 Before WWII



click here to see film of virtual recreation of Warsaw after it’s destruction in WWII

The following is an excerpt from the official website for the film Warszawa 1935; click here for link to the films official website:

Warsaw is a city very painfully experienced by history. For being the center of important and dramatic events of the Second World War has paid the ultimate price – almost ceased to exist. Disappeared respected cultural center, disappeared impressive classicist palaces, art nouveau buildings, parks. She’s gone all the infrastructure considered before the war as one of the most modern in Europe.

On the ruins of an entirely new Warsaw – the memory of the old closed in albums and memories of the residents. Today, no one is even able to imagine how impressive and inspiring was the city ..

On my own eyes!
We give you Warsaw, they do not know! For the first time after 66 years! Throughout the pre-war architectural splendor of the metropolis! A meticulously reconstructed in 3D! See the city, which before the war was enchanted the whole of Europe, calling it a Paris of the North!

The project of reconstruction of Warsaw in 3D technology is the work of studying animation and vfx Newborn with the Praga district. The originator, Thomas Gomola, already three years ago planned to reconstruct the historic original building in Warsaw and recreate the unique atmosphere of the city. He thus wished to restore the memory of the former glory of the Polish capital. However, only the studio Newborn and napping in his band made a huge creative potential that the idea of ​​rebuilding becomes final, the impressive shape. Work on the “Warsaw 1935” lasted nearly three years. The scale and breadth of this project is the fact that it is a project without precedent. No one had ever made such a challenge.

Newborn planned and carried out the entire production process, from the very start acting without fanfare. Everything you see will soon come to life …


































City of Ruins (Miasto Ruin) – Film about Warsaw’s Destruction in WWII

Click Here to See Clip of Film of Virtual Digital Recreation of the City of Warsaw As It Looked in 1935 Before WWII