My Husband Andrew Reach and I Surprised When A New Sun of his Suddenly Appeared While Watching CBS Sunday Morning Broadcast January 9, 2022 About TikTok Star Adam Waheed and Other Comedians

My husband Andrew Reach and I were watching the show CBS Sunday Morning, as we always do and suddenly, totally surprised, there it was, a new sun of Andrew’s appeared on the screen for just a couple of seconds after a segment about TikTok. The segment was about the rise of comedians on TikTok including the comedian star Adam Waheed with over 15 million TikTok followers and comedians Harry Leibow, Sarah Barnitt and Sam Ramsdell.

Another one of his suns appeared on the show 3 times in the past. Jessica Frank, the CBS “Sun Queen” had emailed him the day before on Saturday sun he had submitted was going to air but Andrew didn’t look at his emails on Saturday, hence it was a surprise. We’re glad we didn’t know in advance as it’s surprise lifted our spirits. Something we needed.

Andrew Reach’s Eye Sun
Screenshot on CBS News Online of Andrew Reach’s Sun that was shown on the Broadcast on January 9, 2022. It appeared after a segment about TikTok
Segment on CBS Sunday Morning about the rise of comedians on TikTok including Adam Waheed and others. At the end of the segment Andrew’s sun appears.

See this earlier post about his other sun that aired multiple times on CBS Sunday Morning.

Bruce Baumwoll & Andrew Reach Reflect on The Rainbow Bridge -All Their Animals That Have Been With Them on Their Journey Throughout Life – We Will Be Together Again

A letter inside a doll was found. In the tiny letter signed by Franz Kafka it was written:
“Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way. “Embrace change. It’s inevitable for growth. Together we can shift pain into wonder and love, but it is up to us to consciously and intentionally create that connection.

I reflect on all our dogs and cats that have passed, waiting to be with all of them again. We have saved many dogs and cats all to become our babies over 40 years. Some times the loss of so many souls is hard to express. This is my belief that we will be together again.

I had a desire to try to cope with my feelings of such loss of all my dogs and cats to get away from the silence that is in the house. I decided to make this meditative video to help take me to get back to the wonder and joy that they gave me.