Dr. Kildaire Show – 1962 – Tiger Tiger starring Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain

How many of us watch Dr. Kildare with a very young Richard Chamberlain.   My family and I never missed a Show. I fell in Love with Yvette Mimieux when I was about 10. I saw her on TV in Tiger Tiger. Her smile, her vulnerability, resonated with my soul.   They went on to star in the film  Joy In The Morning. Both are beautiful souls. 

My little film on- Joy In The Morning


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sweater-yvetteYvette Mimieux

richard_chamberlain26Richard Chamberlain

yvette_mimieux_neworange_CNzndGd.sizedYvette Mimieux

three-stars-shine2_daleRichard Chamberlain

TYGTYG-LIFEYvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux continues her surfing. She and Kildare go to the beach at night and they “make out”. He is infatuated with her but cant get her to accept the epilepsy. She has many smaller siezures. Kildare meets all the beach bums and beatnicks of that time. Ultimately she goes for a surf, catches the wave off her life and has a grand mal siezure at the same time. She drowns and Kildare is there to pronounce her dead. GREAT episode with a sad ending.

TYGTYG-PHOTO1Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


hqdefaultYvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


















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9 Replies to “Dr. Kildaire Show – 1962 – Tiger Tiger starring Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain”

  1. After 50+ years, Tiger Tiger is still firmly embedded in my mind as one of the most memorable TV shows of my pre-teen years. It had one of the most heartbreaking endings on TV for many decades, none other comes close.

  2. This show has stood out in my mind for years ; of all of the Dr. Kildare series , it was my favorite one ever produced. I agree with Michael. I still remember it in vivid detail- even after all of this time. A tragic, heart-wrenching ending, that I have never been able to get out of my mind . The poem used has become one of my favorites as well. ” Tiger, Tiger burning bright, in the forest of the night…what immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry ? “

  3. The most beautiful man in the world.then and now. Intelligent, elegant, thoughtful, a brilliant actor, and particularly in the classics, I have loved him since “Hamlet” in the 1960s and I love him now, in 2018.

  4. I still vividly remember the scene where the character played by Yvette Mimeux drowned. There was a camera shot of Mimeux floating under water with her eyes open and with such a dead look. I was struck then about how good an actor had to be to pull that off.
    Even now, all of these years later, I still remember this.

    1. Do you remember the song Kildare sings to her on beach in Tiger Tiger? “ listen to my call, my —
      And kiss me tenderly, oh so tenderly.
      Listen to my heart , my ——-
      I have been trying to find the lyrics for 47 years.

      1. I remember “ Hi lily hi lo”( a song of love is a sad song. I requested this song and got an Anne Murray version. Would like
        the Yvette Mimeux version, if my memory is at all correct.

  5. I, too, had a crush on Yvette Mimieux, although I was only a tender six or seven year old. Oh, yeah, and a girl, who was equally in love with Richard Chamberlain. I was hoping he’d wait until I was old enough to marry him.
    They definitely had some great chemistry — which only goes to show that Chamberlain was a damn good actor and not just a pretty face (and body).
    I also remember telling my parents that I wanted to learn how to surf. I’m not sure if it was to impress Mimeiux or Chamberlain. Either way, I was not taken seriously. I did learn after I graduated from college, and actually managed to stay up on the board for a good ten seconds.
    Alas, neither Yvette or Richard noticed.

  6. Yvette Mimieux passed away in her sleep of natural causes on January 24, 2022 at 80 years of age. I cried because, like so many others, I fell in love with her in 1962 when she played the surfer on the Dr. Kildare show. I was a young girl of twelve and I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, I still feel that way. I would have given anything to look even a little bit like her. Sadly, I knew I would never even get near that degree of beauty but I adored her anyway. Such a sad, romantic story, I watched every rerun. Had we been able to record programs back then, I guarantee, I would STILL be watching it. I met Richard Chamberlain in later years, he was still handsome and cordial, a nice man (yes, I knew by then) but it was her I would really have enjoyed meeting because I am not sure I ever really believed she could be real. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll meet her in Heaven, I always thought she looked like an angel. RIP beautiful lady.

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