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The World of Bruce Baumwoll and Andrew Reach

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The beginning :
Dec 1981, Everything was ahead of us, Bruce Baumwoll And his husband Andrew Reach
Bruce Baumwoll And his husband Andrew Reach
The beginning – December 1981 – Everything was ahead of us

We are a couple together for 40 years. From my videos and Baumwoll Archives Blog, I have reached a million people I never thought I would reach 2000. It was all started from the understanding that Jewish gay men through the years have been forgotten; many of us thrown away by our families. I have come to see we are more than we understand. These are our stories and our art. I hope you enjoy. , I have been in the house taking care of Andrew as his health has been a nightmare. I have saved 65 animals from the streets and gave them all great lives. After 25 years and I’m coming back out into the world.

To allow others to tell you who you are and what you can be Is no longer right for me. Yes, I’m a late bloomer. Its time to walk out of the shadows. I’ve always said I will not let myself be a victim. Just because you have been does not mean you must stay there. There is so much more to life .As my friend Joseph Campbell said to me. You are a soul that would have survive if you had be in the concentration camps. I still do not really understand what he saw in me. Its just me. One must always find the light.

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Level Digital Wallcoverings & Andrew Reach – Quadrans Wall Mural – Kamlesh Shah Designs

Wonderful Interior for Guardian Drug Co. in New Jersey by Kamlesh Shah Designs Inc. ( The wall mural is by Level Digital Wallcoverings of Andrew Reach’s licensed design “Quadrans“.

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photo courtesy Kamlesh Shah Designs, Inc.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Quadrans_Zest_KSDarchitects_QuardianDrugCompany_2-1-1024x1024.jpg
photo courtesy Kamlesh Shah Designs, Inc.

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Thirteen Octoquads by Andrew Reach- Shaped UV inkjet on Composite Aluminum – Ohio Arts Council ADAP Grant “The Shape of Things to Come”

I’m proud of my husband Andrew Reach who was awarded a grant from the Ohio Arts Council to produce artworks in a new medium as Andrew describes in the following, an excerpt from his grant application:

With this grant, I will create 4 artworks, printed on rigid substrates as opposed to media of the traditional digital print (paper/canvas). Printing on rigid substrates opens up a new avenue of exploration in my work by allowing my geometric constructs to expand beyond the confines of square and rectangular formats with use of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router that can cut the substrate panel to my specifications.”

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ThirteenOctoQuads_900x900px.jpg
Artist: Andrew Reach
Thirteen Octoquads, 2019
shaped UV inkjet on composite aluminum panel
Ed. of 3 @ 60 x 60 inches
(note: fabrication pending)