The Grocer’s Son -2007 French Film

Nicolas Cazale

Clotilde Hesme


The Grocer’s Son French Le Fils de l’épicier Directed by Éric Guirado Screenplay by Éric Guirado Florence Vignon [fr] Produced by Miléna Poylo Gilles Sacuto Cinematography Laurent Brunet Edited by Pierre Haberer Music by Christophe Boutin The Grocer’s Son (French : Le Fils de l’épicier) is a 2007 French drama film about a family that runs a grocery business in Provence, France; the business includes a single truck that travels the countryside making deliveries to customers. The director, Éric Guirado, had previously made television documentaries about traveling grocers in rural France. The film, released in France as Le Fils de l’épicier, was first presented as part of the 2007 Namur Francophone Film Festival.[3] It was sufficiently successful that in 2008 subtitled versions were released internationally. Synopsis It concerns Antoine (played by Nicolas Cazalé), who must leave Lyon to help his mother (Jeanne Goupil) who runs the family grocery store in a village in Southern France. His father (Daniel Duval), stricken with a heart attack, can no longer drive the grocery truck that supplies the isolated hamlets around the village. Antoine discovers the charm of these people, “bons vivants” (good living) ways and gradually comes to love his eccentric customers and finds the country of his childhood. He also discovers the joy of living and perhaps the joy of love with Claire (played by Clotilde Hesme). The film uses the beautiful landscape of Mont Sainte-Victoire as a regular backdrop.[4] Cast Nicolas Cazalé as Antoine Sforza (the Grocer’s son). Clotilde Hesme as Claire. Daniel Duval as Antoine’s father, the proprietor of Alimentation Générale (lit. Grocery). Jeanne Goupil as Antoine’s mother and the proprietress. Stéphan Guérin-Tillié as François Sforza (Antoine’s brother). Liliane Rovère as Lucienne (a customer). Paul Crachet [fr] as Le Père Clèment. Chad Chenouga [fr] as Hassan. Benoit Giros as Fernand. Ludmila Ruoso as Sophie