Remembering The Marlin Beach Hotel & The Copa In Fort Lauderdale Florida

This little film is about places that no longer exist, where gay people would go to be free. They could meet other people like themselves and just be. Every Sunday the Marlin Beach Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale Florida would have Tea Dance. This is where Andrew reach and myself (bruce baumwoll) met. We have been blessed to be together now for 41 years. Had it not been for this kind of place, the chances of many of us meeting each other did not exist. The Copa discotheque in Ft. Lauderdale was exactly the same way. So many of us spent many a night dancing away. This little film is dedicated to my dear friend John Goodwin (aka Dana Manchester). He was a legend then and will always be.

Bruce Baumwoll

Please click the photo and it shall take you to my little film.

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  1. I am so glad to hear about this and its part of our gay history ! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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