Here are the little tribute films I did with all my memories about The Rockaway’s

Its been a while since I did my little films about the Rockaway’s . I have been working on some for a few years looking for the right photographs to tell the story of my family’s time there from 1915 to 1968.

I have been asked what is my love for this place. I grew up in my early years going to 10 schools in 3 different states; Florida, New York, and California all before I was 13 years old. For me home turns out to be in all of them. It has taken me a lifetime to find home. In the end it is in your heart.

This is our house in the 1940’s , 151A Beach 34 Street This house was used for summer renters and for my family to gather. It’s where my mother and father had their wedding reception. They were married up the block at the synagogue.
3719 Sprayview Avenue and Beach 38th street., This is our house that I spent many of my summers in the 1950’s. This house was also used for summer renters and for extended family to get away in the summers.

All the little films below were done over 10 years ago. New ones are coming soon.