From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-07Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-08Photo credit :  Anthony Marcian

anthony-marciana-tina-09Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-10Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-11Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana01Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana02Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana03Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana04Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana05Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-06Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

3 responses to “From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

  1. Anthony Marciana

    This is Anthony Marciana, and I am proud to see my photo’s posted here, Thnx for posting, if you need any info on the Rockaways back in the 60-70’s during my time there, email me.
    James Anthony Marciana

  2. James Anthony Marciana

    This are photos of myself, I’m so honored to see my photo’s still posted, It fills my heart with joy. It truly makes me sad to review the images of what Life was, back then, In the boat is me with my sister Christine, My grandparents, opened the once open Tile City with my father. My grandfather owned Dependable Floors with my grandmother Marge. I wish I could see Rockaway restored like it was from Bch 20th street to Bch 44th street. Nancy Lieberman and her family Friends of my family, Teddy Lieberman owned the Palace Hotel on Bch 31st St. and the Breakers which I used to run through when my grandmother painted the entire hotel over the winters in freezing temps. I have changed my email to the one I’m listing and I really appreciate your retention of my younger photo’s on your site, Hopefully they will still be available long after I’m gone.
    Sincerely yours:
    James Anthony Marciana

    • Hi James,
      Wow great stuff . I really enjoyed your stories, I to feel the way you do . This will all be left for people to find this place. Your photographs have been seen by so many. Perhaps you have other photogrpahs that you could email me and we could do a post on my blog with all your photos. Barbara Copper let Baumwollarchives share her fathers stuff it has been seen by over 500,000 people crazy. Plus the photographs will be saved in this spot. let me know if you would enjoy that . I would. Again thank you for sharing all your memories. best bruce

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