The Warsaw Ghetto – A Prayer to All The Souls Who Were Lost – Never Forget

These are photographs that I have kept saving off Ebay. The person selling them is who overlaid in red “No War”.

To me, these photographs are what is left of many souls. I find when you do just look at all their faces, there was so much life. I read that one of the main concerns from the great Rabbis was “Who will say Kaddish for all when we are gone”.

Those words have never left me. I have come to learn that my family is from Warsaw Poland. So far I have found many of them in the great cemetery in Warsaw. My family seems to be there as early as 1720 and all the way till World War 2. Most stayed in Warsaw. It has been unbelievable to find their graves. There are so many; both the Baumwol’s and Presman families. Bless their memory.


sung by Kenny Karen
with Piano Instrumental by Marvin Hamlisch

“Vli Yerusholayim Ircho”
sung by Cantor Jan Peerce
composed by Abraham Ellstein

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