The Fabulous Bungalow Colony on Beach 38th St. – Kodachrome Photos by Murray Cooper

Here is a look back to a time, of life on Beach 38th street.  Murray Cooper’s Kodachrome photographs so capture the feeling of bungalow life (1957-1961), when life did seem so much more simple. Mr. Cooper took many photos of a group of families including his own, so these photos capture a slice summer life at the Bungalows that is gone forever.

The photos are courtesy from the Library of Barbara Cooper.

Murray &  Pearl  Cooper

4 responses to “The Fabulous Bungalow Colony on Beach 38th St. – Kodachrome Photos by Murray Cooper


    We lived in the Bronx and my parents rented a bungalow on beach 31st street every summer. I remember those days wish i could be there again especially with my parents i surely miss them and my sister as well

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. My parents starting coming from The Bronx as children back in 1924.. Then can back in the 50’s with my brother and early 60’s with me.. We lived I think it was 57th st. “Springer Court”. This pictures brought back many memories and I would love to have one of those infamous green wooden rockin chairs!!
    Thanks again,
    Randi Savron

  3. Marjorie Roth Schwartz

    Thanks for the memories.
    loved the jam sessions with all the new friends we made summers in the 50s

  4. Fantastic memories for you. My family had a bungalow on B 88th and I have wonderful memories of those summers. Our bungalows were nothing like yours-no shower indoors or hot water. I love the pretty little cottages that were more like a house than a bungalow. Looks like paradise.

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