Finding Photos of our House on Beach 38th Street & Sprayview Avenue

Bushes in front of our house near the corner of Sprayview Avenue, Straight ahead  are the original bungalows toward the elevated subway and Edgemere Ave

My Brother Coming off Boardwalk in front of our house

My Grandfather Nathan Baumwoll coming off porch of our house – 151 Beach 38th Street

This is our house on Beach 38th street right off the boardwalk , Its the big brown one, I can still hear my family and all the people that would come and spend their whole summer or just a week.

I started looking on Skips’ And Carols’ wonderful site when it first began. Like many of us is this is where I got the bug. I couldn’t get enough. This led me on a journey to rediscover the three beach houses on my grandparents owned in Edgemere.

This has led me in my own way to bring Edgemere back to life. There are two ways to see many of my photos. One is thru my families photos and the other is through the streets, buildings and stores. Through all of these years, no one has ever put up anything on Beach 38th street and Sprayview Avenue. I searched and kept waiting for a picture to show up. Years went by without a photo of this street. For anyone who loves all these sites, it is all of us that are keeping it alive.

It’s now my time to relinquish my treasures of my families history in Edgemere. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Incredibly Fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

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