Before The Parade Passes By

I was born on the Upper West Side of New York City in 1952. Its soon time to go home. The Joy of the Thanksgiving Parade and the city I love, don’t miss the Parade at the end . I hope you enjoy my new little film.

To the few who feel I go to fast.

This is a little moving picture. This is why I move the photographs at the speed I do. If you want to study a photograph Stop the film .This is a moment in time meant for you to relax and go for the ride. You see what you see and you feel what you feel. Its a little movie trying to take you somewhere else. Relax and let me take you somewhere else. To really get anywhere one must let go.

Bruce Baumwoll

Remember you can see all youtube videos on your TV . Which makes them so much larger to be able to see.
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  1. Wonderful, I love it. I will watch this again, and again. And, wow, could Streisand hold a note, like, forever!

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