Andrew Reach’s Artwork SHINING LIGHT From His Photo of me at the Entrance to the Christopher Street Subway Featured in Article in CANVAS Magazine

I was pleasantly surprised that my husband Andrew’s artwork SHINING LIGHT is featured in an article in Cleveland’s Canvas Magazine. The article by Becky Raspe is about the exhibition CONVERGE, an exhibition by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve celebrating the legacy and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community in the visual arts in the Northeast Ohio region. The exhibition is the largest in AAWR’s history with 71 artists and over 140 artworks at 5 venues. Click here for info and programing about the exhibition on the Artists Archives website.
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SHINING LIGHT is from a photo by my husband Andrew Reach he took of me at the entrance to the Christopher Street subway station in Greenwich Village NYC in 1984. We lived in Greenwich Village on Charles Street in the 1980’s.

Andrew Reach’s artwork SHINING LIGHT on page 16 of the 2021 fall issue of Canvas magazine about the exhibition CONVERGE

Here’s Andrew’s artist statement about the piece:

The photograph in SHINING LIGHT in which I overlaid color, forms and texture, is of my husband Bruce Baumwoll. The photograph was taken by me in 1984 at the entrance to the Christopher Street subway station in Greenwich Village, New York. We were living in Greenwich Village and I was studying architecture at Pratt and taking photography classes there as well. Shining Light is a visual love letter. The light above Bruce’s head softly illuminates him like a halo, a metaphorical angel, while my “whimsies” move towards him, attracted to his beautiful essence. SHINING LIGHT speaks to the simple universal notion of the deep love and commitment of two men spending a life together and the homage one man pays to the other he loves so deeply.

Cover of fall 2021 edition of Canvas Magazine.
“Artists of CONVERGE” detail, by Melissa Bloom (2021). Acrylic on wood, 71 5 x 5 inch panels, cropped. Courtesy of Artists Archives of the Western Reserve.

Open spread of pages 16 and 17. Page 17 (on right) showing self portraits by transgender Artist Max Markwald.

SHINING LIGHT is being shown at the LGBTQ Center of Greater Cleveland. There will be a reception at the center for the CONVERGE exhibition Sept. 17, 2021 – 6:30 – 8:30pm.