Andrew Reach – Winner of 5th Showcase Round in Abstract Category –

My partner Andrew submitted his art in a competition, 5th round of ArtSlant’s Showcase Series.  He was a winner in the abstract category. I’m very proud of him.Winners in a showcase advance to a final round of judging for a chance to win the ArtSlant Prize.  Below is a screenshot of homepage. Andrew’s art is featured under the ArtSlant Prize Showcase Series on a rotating basis with the other winners of the showcase.

ArtSlant_HomePage_screenshot_ArtSlantPrize_06-25-2016_small Homepage Screenshot, June 25, 2016

ArtSlant_QuadratafluxIII_screenshot_ArtSlantPrize-Ribbon_06-25-2016_smallscreenshot of Quadrataflux III – 5th 2016 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner

ArtSlant_QuadratafluxIII_screenshot_ArtSlantPrize_06-25-2016_smallscreenshot of Andrew’s work “Quadrataflux III” on

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