1984 Gay Pride Day in Greenwich Village in New York City. At the Pier with our beloved dog Katie – Andrew and I on Christopher Street and around the Village

SHINING LIGHT by Andrew Reach, 2007
uv cured inkjet on acrylic, 24″w x 36″h, edition of 3

This is an artwork by my husband Andrew Reach titled SHINING LIGHT from a photograph he took of me at the entrance to the Christopher Street subway station during Gay Pride in 1984.

Andrew describes the artwork as follows:
“Shining Light is a visual love letter. The light above Bruce’s head softly illuminates him like a halo, while my “whimsies” surround him, attracted to his beautiful essence. SHINING LIGHT speaks to the simple universal notion of the deep love and commitment of two men spending a life together and the homage one man pays to the other he loves so deeply.”

When Andrew was studying architecture at Pratt, he took photography classes and made me the subject of many of his photographs. Andrew became disabled from a spine disease and couldn’t continue practicing architecture and reinvented himself as a artist working in the realm of digital media. It turns out this photograph has been selected to be in a major exhibition being put on by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve in Cleveland. Titled CONVERVERGE: LGBTQ+ which will celebrate the legacy of the LGBTQ’s community in northeast Ohio within the visual arts.

I still find it rather odd that I am now a subject of the art world and to know that thousands of people will see me when I was young. It’s hard to explain watching people looking at me on the wall. This is not the first time he has taken me to such a place. A few years ago, he made a piece called THE WONDER OF BRUCE (see below), that went on to be shown at the Butler Instituted Of American Art in Youngstown Ohio at their 74th Mid Year Exhibition.
THE WONDER OF BRUCE by Andrew Reach, 2010
Pigment Print on Cotton Rag, 44″w x 77″h, edition of 3
Me and our Dog Katie on the pier in Greenwich Village
Me and our Dog Katie on the pier in Greenwich Village
INDUSTRY WHIMSY by Andrew Reach, 2007
Pigment Print on Cotton Rag, 42″w x 72″h, edition of 3
This is the original photograph taken in 1984 that was used for the artwork INDUSTRY WHIMSY (shown above). The photograph is at the corner of Charles Street and Hudson in Greenwich Village. The window above the Citgo sign was the apartment where we lived.
Pigment Print on Cotton Rag, 36″w x 24″h, edition of 3
This photograph was taken by Andrew in 1984 while we were walking in Washington Square Park with our dog Katie.

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