The EDGEMERE – Beach 34th Street FAR ROCKAWAY


Beach 34th Street

Ruth and her family on Beach 34th Street - 1968: photo courtesy the Library of Ruth Wenig

Like many of us, we remember our streets. These two photographs are from the Library of Ruth Wenig. Her family lived on Beach 34th Street right off the beach. Like my family she has sand in her shoes.

Flood of September 1960 - View of Beach 34th Street looking towards the El: photo courtesy the Library of Ruth Wenig

5 responses to “The EDGEMERE – Beach 34th Street FAR ROCKAWAY

  1. Love the photos of those old houses and the old cars on a block. Obviously they no longer exists today. My guess is that the photo of the flooded street was probably taken after Hurricane Donna. Just fabulous! Thanks!

  2. Wow, I think I know that exact spot. My grandparents, Morris and Hattie Schnall, stayed in one or another of the two three-story houses in the right of the picture, and we summered with them every year from 1955 until 1962. The brick steps are also quite familiar; that’s where our cousins Kenny and Richard Horn stayed.

    • steve lillienstein

      I was just getting nostalgic for the Rockaway Beach of my childhood, so I did a search for “Beach 34th Street” Rockaway and found this page. Wonderful! Speaking of Josh’s cousin’s Ricky and Kenny Horn – they were my summertime friends who stayed in the bungalow behind my grandparents. Ours was 127 Beach 34th and I believe the Horn’s was 127-A. (It’s possible that they were not directly behind us in 127A, but were definitely in the same bungalo colony.) Since I was very young, I really can’t remember how many summers I knew Ricky and Kenny.
      I spent my summers there from infancy in 1953 through 1961. We might have been in the bungalow during the summer of ’62 as well. . I believe my grandparents, Bob and Lea Newman sold their bungalow before 1962, but rented a nearby place on Beach 34th Street that summer, (but It might have been a year later.)

  3. Josh,
    That is so wild , I am so glad you are able to see them again all the buildings and street. Perhaps you might have some photos around that you could share with us. Of your grand folks and those many summers. Thanks again for sharing your time .

  4. Looking at the top 34th street family photo, I recognize a building at the edge of the bungalow colony owned by my family called Sprayview Terrace, a series of pastel colored double decker bungalows with a terrace and garden in the courtyard. Does anyone else remember those?

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