My Favorite Cookies

The Iconic Black & White
The Mythological Cookie

Photo of Nabisco Package courtesy of Carlos Alejandro

Sunshine Toy Cookies

Life in Edgemere gave us many things. These cookies for me are the boardwalk.

These are the three that I would get at different times with my grandmother and mother as they shopped at the stores on Edgemere Ave.

We all have our stories about the black and whites. I must admit I would often give away the chocolate side. How I still love these even today.

The toy cookie card board container shown here is mine from all those years ago. I remember going up on the 38th street ramp often with all my cookies.  Seeing the colorful cookie cardboard container brings back so many thoughts of my times on the boardwalk. Our house was close to the boardwalk on Beach 38th Street and Sprayview Avenue, right on the corner. They would always tell us go take a walk on the boardwalk, but stay close. Even then I enjoyed my time alone. I can still feel my hands going along the railing of the boardwalk, and the ramp. the rhythm of the hand…the beat on the palm, And then those wonderful cookies. One of my very clear memories is sitting on the porch with my cookie, on the steps. People would be walking by to get on the boardwalk. So many happy people; they would have that extra quick step we all have when we want to get someplace.

But nothing can compare to the cookies in the blue box. Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. My grandmother would often let me walk up to the stores at the end of Beach 38th Street to buy them. To this day I can remember how they smelled when you would open up the package and then to one box where there they would be in a wonderful row.

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6 Replies to “My Favorite Cookies”

  1. Man, I would pay $20 for a box of those Nabisco Marshmallow cookies.

    When you pull the cookies apart they had like a “glue”, my absolute favorite.

    I wish Nabisco came out with a retro-line and made all of those iconic cookies from the 70’s

  2. Someone at Headquarters had the brilliant idea one year to stop all production on lines that didn’t make over a million dollars per year in the 1980’s. Marshmallow was one these. Screwed up, eh?

    BTW The secret ingredient was apricot jam.

  3. I am now 60 years old and I can remember when I first ate the nabisco marshmellow sandwich cookie in Kindergarten in NYC. There wasn’t a day that I didnt have a cookie. My dad that has now passed away would always get me these to take to school for my class when I first started school. THOSE WHERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Please make these cookies again I would pay as much as 30 dollars for a box. I have tried all the marshmellow cookies but none like these from 60,s Epy

  4. I loved those Marshmallo Cookies my all time favorite. I can remember 2 boxes wrapped up together and when you opened the box there was always what I called dew sitting on top of some of the cookies. Sure do miss them!! Susan C. Savannah Georgia

  5. At last an answer to the mysterious marshmallow sandwich cookie. My family has spent many a get together trying to remember the name of that wonderful little cookie. I also miss Nabisco’s chocolate covered graham. It came in a clear cellophane flat package. They were perfection.

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