Bruce Baumwoll – Sharing his Feelings About His Husband Andrew Reach & Their love & Devotion After Being Diagnosed With A Rare Spine Disease That Would Try To Crush Him To Death – To Keep Finding a Reason To Live & For Us To Go On

The very existence of Andrew’s art requires the intersection of time, circumstance and events beyond normal understanding. Add the needed advances in personal technology, previous education, an overwhelming medical disability, the determination of  Andrew to fight and create, and the love of Bruce determined to help, that is the story of these works. And with all that, the art still overwhelms the story. Full disclosure requires stating that Andrew and Bruce are my Nephews, and that I love them

By James Grossman about Andrew Reach and Bruce Baumwoll

Bruce Baumwoll & Andrew Reach 1981

“Marriage For All” by Andrew Reach  2009
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Bruce Baumwoll & Andrew Reach 1991
Thousands of demonstrators, chanting ″Recall Pete″ and ″We won’t go away,″ marched on “National Coming Out Day” in 1991 at the California state Capitol to protest Gov. Pete Wilson’s veto of a gay rights bill AB 101.

Andrew Reach 1981
photo taken on Cumberland Island, Georgia during a field trip to the Island for a design class while studying architecture at the University of Florida

Our Story Begins
I walked away from my career 30 years ago to take care of Andrew and help him pursue his life and career. Little did we both know that the career would be lost to a very rare genetic disease that put us on the path of trying to keep him alive and live with crushing pain. The disease is progressive Scheuermann’s disease.  By the time he was 40 years old the curvature was at 87 degrees. Your dead at 92 degrees. His back was breaking apart like tectonic plates. A normal spine is at 45 degrees. The first surgery occurred  in January 2003 and we thought he was saved and then again in the summer of 2004 we were told in layman terms, his head is dislodging from his spine. Another massive surgery was needed. Those two surgeries would send him on a spiral of other parts of the body trying to fight off the initial disease, resulting in multiple additional complications. We’re still fighting. Through all of that we were able to refocus his energy with the pain he lives with every moment into art which we’re still shocked and amazed is traveling around the world. I humbly ask you to look at his art to look at this man’s beautiful soul and all the light that is coming out of him. He’s surely a product of god.

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I have now begun to write our story to be left with the art. I am 67 this month. We have been together 38 years and are now married. I tell you all this, not to feel sad for us. Understand that one must always have hope. As  my friend and teacher Joseph Campbell told me all those years ago, “Bruce, there’s something about you that keeps you going on”. I hope you can find some value in our journey of what love and respect means in sickness and in health, whether your rich or poor. Andrew and I have lived openly gay since we fell in love all those years ago. Our love gave us the courage to live openly and take what ever would come at us in the times we have lived as gay men. Its been quite a journey.

Bruce Baumwoll

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Free Fall ( Freier Fall ) Gay German Film 2013 Starring Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt

Free Fall watch my new little film on this wonderful love story of two men . Set in Germany.



Freier Fallis a 2013 German drama film directed by Stephan Lacant



0 (6)Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt

0 (3)Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt

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Film-Marc-Borgmann-Hanno-Koffler-l-und-Kay-Engel-Max-Riemelt-kommen-sich-naeher-Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt

images (33)Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt

tumblr_n2xuylpNZr1tqbto0o1_1280Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt


Hanno Koffler as Marc Borgmann
Max Riemelt as Kay Engel
Katharina Schüttler as Bettina Bischoff
Oliver Bröcker as Frank Richter
Stephanie Schönfeld as Claudia Richter
Britta Hammelstein as Britt Rebmann
Shenja Lacher as Gregor Limpinski
Maren Kroymann as Inge Borgmann
Louis Lamprecht as Wolfgang Borgmann
Vilmar Bieri as Lothar Bischoff
Attila Borlan as Werner Brandt
Horst Krebs as Bernd Eiden
Samuel Schnepf as Benno Borgmann

Marc Borgman (Koffler), a young police officer, is on a training course for the riot control unit. He is not doing well at the police academy, being behind in his group athletically. Cocky and self-assured, Marc does not initially get along with his roommate at the academy, Kay Engel (Riemelt). They have a physical confrontation during exercise, but afterwards Marc apologizes for his aggressive behavior and they become friends. The two begin jogging together regularly, one time during which Kay engages Marc sexually. Confused and hesitant, Marc initially rebuffs him and keeps his distance, but then acknowledges his attraction by continuing to share intimate encounters with Kay.

Simultaneously, Bettina, Marc’s longtime girlfriend, is pregnant, and together they have just moved to a new house close to his parents. Complications arise when living a double life begins taking a psychological toll on Marc, as it becomes clear that acting on his feelings for another man could put his personal and professional life in jeopardy.

MARRIAGE FOR ALL: song “Together We Are Beautiful” sung by Chiwetel Ejiofor from the film Kinky Boots

Marriage For All, 2009 by Andrew Reach

The original art “Marriage For All” was created by my lifetime partner Andrew Reach of 31 years originally for the National Equality March on Washington DC in 2009. It inspired me and has allowed me to relax and create this film of us and of all the other faces through time that were willing to be captured. The world is a crazy place and many took chances allowing them to be photographed. We honor all the LGBT people who came before us for their bravery and honesty. I’m allowing myself to be brave for all the young people, that perhaps by seeing these images it will keep them going forward so they can have freer lives.

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Song “Together We Are Beautiful” sung by Chiwetel Ejiofor from the film Kinky Boots.