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Photographs of The Rockaways

Photo By Matthew Carson

Photographer unkown

Photo By: Emilio Fuerra

The black and white photos that are next are some of the most haunting of a place that once had such life. There is such a beauty in these photographs such a stillness.

Photographer unknown

all the black and white

photos are by the same person

Marriage For All International – English Version

To never be silent again, we are who we are. Never let your voice be taken away. It has taken me a life time to get free. From all the people who looked away when bad things were happening to me. Speak Up., Don’t be afraid. If they don’t help you, you must do it on your own. This film is for the young people who’s lives are just starting and to all the gay and lesbians souls who gave their lives so we can have better ones. And to my beloved Andrew Reach my soulmate for 32 years now. who has helped a broken soul find his way and his voice.