New Artwork by my Life Partner Andrew Reach – Dance of the Broken Parts

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Andrew’s newest artwork is somewhat of a departure for him and I wanted to share it with you. He’s created it in two irregular shaped canvas panels. Each panel will be mounted on concealed slides. The parts can be slid together to complete the work and make it whole or it can be split apart. It’s a metaphor for his body.

Each canvas panel is approximately 65 inches high by 55 inches wide.

This piece was created with the intention for it to become a work of public art. It is part of his mission to bring more awareness to the importance of the arts in healthcare. We hope to see this art in the new Medical Mart currently under construction in Cleveland. They have already visited our home to see his work and he created this work specifically with the Medical Mart in mind. The Medical Mart is owned and operated by the same company as the iconic Merchandise Mart in Chicago which opened in 1930.

Andrew’s blog says about the work:
Dance of the Broken Parts 
is about the reparative power of art to promote wellness and heal.  In this work, all the parts are distorted and in tension both in shape and color with the other parts and the edges are jagged. The spheres enshrouded by mesh represent organs. Other elements represent moving parts.  Disease or Dis-Ease is when working parts are askew, not at ease, and thus don’t work properly. My “Whimsies” are at play among these parts. They represent the opposite of Dis-Ease; Ease and that’s what art can bring. Although all the parts are seemingly at odds which each other, when put together all the parts make sense and work to make the composition whole.

To see more of his work visit his website

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