Scott Ligon: Digital Artist, Filmaker & Author comes to meet Andrew at our house

Andrew was introduced to Scott Ligon through Max Eternity, founder of Art Digital Magazine. Max Eternity is a mentor to Andrew. Max is also a contributing writer to the Huffington Post Arts.

His blog says, “Scott Ligon is a digital artist and filmmaker. His work is frequently exhibited and has won several awards. Three years ago he relocated from his native Virginia to Cleveland, Ohio, in order to accept a job as the coordinator for the digital foundation curriculum at the Cleveland Institute of Art.”

He is also author of the acclaimed book Digital Art Revolution

Andrew is being assisted by the non-profit organization Leap through the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation to help him  further his art career as well as providing assistive technology to make it easier to work on his art. In the city of Cleveland, Andrew was selected for this special program along with 12 other severely disabled individuals.  Leap’s Sheryl Whalen and Christine Henry brought in Scott Ligon to visit Andrew at home for his advice and expertise.

See Scott Ligon’s Blog post about Andrew below.

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