Rockaway In The Early Years , From the Private Collection : of William Auer

 Photographs From  William Auer  collection  : 

To read all about this great man, go to Rockaway Memories  There are articles that tell great stories  by Stevie Stevens.

For History there is no better site then Marty Nislick :

williamauer7Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer8Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer9Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer14Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer15Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer16Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer18Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauerPhotographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer3Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer4Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer5Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer6Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 09Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 06Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 05Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 04Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 03Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 02Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 01Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

3 responses to “Rockaway In The Early Years , From the Private Collection : of William Auer

  1. Jacqueline Kadish Talbot

    Enjoyed seeing where my family grew up

  2. I love these pictures, I can remember coming to Rockaway for the summers and staying in one of the Auers Bungalows on beach 95th Street for a number of years behind the Auers custard stand on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, eventually moving to Rockaway in 1954.

  3. great pictures

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