From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-07Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-08Photo credit :  Anthony Marcian

anthony-marciana-tina-09Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-10Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-11Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana01Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana02Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana03Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana04Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana05Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-06Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

One response to “From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

  1. Anthony Marciana

    This is Anthony Marciana, and I am proud to see my photo’s posted here, Thnx for posting, if you need any info on the Rockaways back in the 60-70’s during my time there, email me.
    James Anthony Marciana

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