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Rockaways – Jeffrey Bey , Shares his family photographs From Far Rockaway

Rockaways Own

Jeffrey Bey Shares His Memories

My uncle Ed, (standing on the left) in front of Falcaro's bowling alley. (Photo taken just after WWII)

From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

8461_611994362151594_2071004540_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

278245_244142982270069_2027314_oFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

279591_244224115595289_5553212_oFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

993036_611981888819508_1609239797_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

995037_612836802067350_1666197718_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

998247_612838002067230_512097200_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

999885_612514065432957_27054253_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1002976_611993408818356_1794218342_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1003426_612830172068013_1246559339_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1009758_612838715400492_954493175_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1012991_612046988812998_2130345965_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1013485_612572215427142_1201304766_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1016780_612561548761542_2117073851_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1017166_612838988733798_880358925_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

A birthday at the Pickwick. (Central Ave. Far Rockaway) 1958 — with Mom.From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

Hangin with my boys on Eggert Place in Far Rock. (1959) I'm on the left,blond hair and all. From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

My dad polishing up his 1958 Caddy on Eggert Place in Far Rockaway.From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

Walt Disney’s Summer Magic, Movie Stills And Videos

Summer Magic – Movie Stills – Doris Day Sings “Que Sera, Sera
Walt Disney’s Summer Magic, Starring:

Hayley Mills
Dorothy McGuire
Burl Ives
Deborah Walley
Una Merkel
Eddie Hodges
Michael J. Pollard
Peter Brown
James Stacy


summer dolls


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The Power of Women Who Love Women – lesbian – Express Christina Aguilera

For All You Girls










A Story of Love: Andrew Reach & Bruce Baumwoll and Our beloved Dogs and Cats found on the Streets from Central Park, New York to West Hollywood, California to Miami Shores, Florida to Cleveland Ohio. All sent to save us and to take us on the path we have ended up on. God’s little angels.This is their story and ours..

Katie and I on the piers near our apartment on
Charles St. in Greenwich Village, NYC 1985

Finding Katie in Central Park on a cold march day in New York City 

Diva: found on the streets of New York City


Chapter 1

Andrew is taking photos of me. I had become one of Andrew’s subjects for his creativity since we met. He was studying at Pratt institute toward his architecture degree.  In the 36 years that I (Bruce Baumwoll) and Andrew Reach have been together we have saved 54 animals from the streets of the cities we’ve lived in.  At this point we are not sure who saved whom, for without these animals we surely would not have ended up in the places we have come to. This is their story and ours.

It was spring break when Andrew and I met in Florida. I was living and singing around Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  I had been working and living  in the home of Ellen Burstyn. The Oscar winning actress for the film “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” for over 3 years. From her example, she had helped me in many ways, from studying at the Actors Studio to the way I would learn for the rest of my life. She taught herself so much. Her bed was always filled with so many books. She helped me to see that, I too, could be all that I hoped to be, and that I could learn. We would sit with groups of people and read from Gurdjieff and so many other great authors. She gave me so many books to read, and I would write down all that she would read, and I would find them myself.

Ellen & Jefferson Burstyn At Ferry House

The Stone House in Snedens Landing

My Dog Sugar Magnolia (aka Maggie) living
the good life on the Hudson, Snedens Landing 

Me in the Stone House Mansion, Snedens Landing

Maggie and I in the Stone Mansion, Snedens Landing

When I got the job,  The film “The Exorcist” which, at that time, was a major hit. There were lines around blocks in every city in America to see that movie. I would not see the film when it came out, for I was afraid it would cause me to have more visions. Life has a funny way of working out. I ended up seeing it in a private screening with Ellen next to me. All the living room furniture had been given to Ellen from the set of the film. Not until that moment did I realize, as I was watching the film, that I was watching it on the actual couch from the movie.

Ellen and Linda Blair

Ellen with the great  Max Von Sydow


Max Von Sydow and Linda Blair

Ellen with William Peter Blatty , Jason Miller

Ellen with William Friedkin

I would meet William Friedkin for the first time as they skinny-dipped in the pool. The house that Ellen lived in was called the Ferry House as it was the original Ferry House of the Dobbs Ferry that connected Snedens Landing on the west side of the Hudson River to the town of Dobbs Ferry on the eastern side. At one time Vivian Leigh and Laurence Olivier lived there.

When I got the job at her house she was just getting ready to star on Broadway in the play “Same time, Next Year” with Charles Grodin. It was a fabulous moment when Ellen won the Tony Award for the play. When Charles Grodin’s film, “King Kong” with co-stars, the young Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange, I would be there right next to Ellenand Jeff   she was so nice in  taking me.  The World Premier. It was an amazing night.

Ellen in “Same Time Next Year”

Ellen in “Same Time Next Year”

Charles Gordin, in “Same Time Next Year”

Ellen had given Charles this book when he came for dinner while they were doing the play “Same Time Next Year”. As he was leaving the house, he gave it to me.

We later moved up the way to the Stone House, a great big mansion. I had always been a boy that lived in movies. The world of film was my life’s passion so to end up there was, in my mind, meant to be.  To say I was in my bliss is mild. One of my fondest memories is holding up Ellen Burstyn’s Oscar and Tony, thanking my imaginary audience for my own work. I can still feel the thrill of touching and holding them up.

In her Oscar winning role of Alice, Ellen wins Best Actress as a  single mother who finds her way. One of the great films of the 1970′s by one of the greatest directors, Martin Scorsese, doing what he does best-making great films.


Ellen with Kris Kristofferson

Ellen with Diane Ladd, Vic Tayback, and Lelia Goldoni 

Ellen and Alfred Lutter


Ellen with Kris Kristofferson



Ellen with Diane Ladd, Martin Scorsese, and Vic Tayback

Meeting the people I met there was a chance of a lifetime, from Albert Schweitzer’s live in companion for the last 20 years of his life, to so many great artists from the Actors Studio including Lee and Anna Strasberg, and other fascinating people from all walks of life.  There were so many teachers. I would be taught by them at the kitchen table. Some of the people were major players in film and theater at that time.

Some of the people that I grew fond of were Ralph Roberts who, at the time, was one of Ellen’s masseuse’s. He was an actor. He was in the film “Bells are Ringing” with Judy Holliday. He had worked for Marilyn Monroe and had known her well and he would tell me so many stories that I loved. Another person who had an impact on me was Fred Haines who had done the almost impossible task of turning James Joyce’s Ulysses into a screenplay.

Fred Haines, screenwriter and director
of such films as “Ulysses” & “Steppenwolf”

Ralph Roberts
A truly lovely man

Ellen and Ralph

At the time, Ellen Burstyn was practicing Sufism, bringing many spiritual men and women to the house. It was an amazing place to learn for a young man that had spent so much of his time growing up alone.  I was a true sponge. The more you taught me the more I wanted to learn and that has never stopped.

Because of my learning challenges, my parents found it easier to contain me at home to be what they thought to be best for me. I stayed in the house huge amounts of time when I was young. Soon, I began to clean and cook for them. I did that until I left home. So I was not prepared for the real world. When I did start to work, I would become a domestic and clean houses, which, of course, I was very good at.  I had only two of these jobs before I worked for Ellen. At first, I was hired to take care of the Ferry house. As she got to know me, she open up to me . I had been sharing and wonderful old carriage houses, right down the block from Helen Hayes old home. One night the person I was shaing with when crazy and beat me up. Ellen the next day ask me if would   moved in to the main house. very early on with my constant companion, my beloved dog, Maggie. She was  a person who loved aniamls. Big heart.  That’s when she began to teach me. Little things yet really big stuff. I moved into Stone House and lived there for almost 8 months alone . While the work went on, much needed to be done before Ellen would move in.

Maggie at Stone House, Snedens Landing

The Stone House, Snedens Landing

The Stone House, Snedens Landing

The Stone House, Snedens Landing

me at Stone House, Snedens Landing

Maggie in the living room at stone house, Snedens Landing

Ellen and Micheal and Marilyn the dog, Snedens Landing

Jefferson Burstyn in the grand foyer, Snedens Landing

Maggie at the grand door between the
living room and the dining room Snedens Landing

Maggie playing in front of the house with some
of Bernard and Marilyn’s puppies, Snedens Landing

You see, I was a young man with learning disabilities.  I did not see words in my head. I saw pictures. I hardly spoke until I was five years old. I was also born a celiac so eating was a problem. I had difficulties communicating which caused huge levels of frustration for me and caused me to be prone to outbursts. Today they would diagnose someone like me with a form of Asperger’s Syndrome or slight autism. I spent most of my life playing alone. I was super sensitive.  I do not like being touched.

I would fail kindergarten and then the third grade three times.  I would eventually graduate high school late, at nineteen years old.  I spent my life in special classrooms on weekends, in addition to regular school hours learning how to read and how to talk without stuttering and without a bad lisp. I was one of those boys that everyone made fun of. If they weren’t calling me a fairy or sissy they were making fun how I would talk. In the sixth grade, a teacher took me out to the playground, put me on a swing, put crackers in my mouth while I swung and told me to talk. And I could! She had helped me to get past a part of my brain that did not see the words. The feeling was like when Helen Keller finally said the word “water”. I felt total freedom in my head. But to read would take learning all my life. I can still see, in my mind’s eye, the cards being put up for me to read. The fear of reading in public would take even more years to overcome. I have been blessed with many teachers in my life.

Ellen was soon involved with the new film “Providence”, to be filmed in Europe. The director, Alain Resnais, really wanted her. He would travel to America to visit us at Stone House. At one point he was outside looking around the gardens. I was with him and he told me that I should keep going with my studies, for the camera would love me and that my face showed great emotion and depth. Perhaps someday, I might be able to work for him in one of his future films, he said. I was so honored that he was just talking to me. To give me words of encouragement was wonderful for me. I still was a very shy young man. Ellen did take the role and went off to Europe to film the movie.

Ellen with Dirk Bogarde and Sir John Gielgud

Ellen with Alain Resnais

Ellen with Dirk Bogarde, Sir John Gielgud,
David Warner, and Elaine Stritch


Ellen with Elaine Stritch, Dirk Bogarde,
Sir John Gielgud, and David Warner

While she was away she would send us postcards to say hi, but also to let us know the things that she wanted us to keep up with. One of my main jobs was to take care of all the animals. There were the dogs, Bernard and Marilyn, and her many cats. Her favorite and closest cat was Georgie Baby. There was also Malcom X, Moses, Clorisa (she would run away at this time) and others. She always wanted me to comb Georgie Baby. Georgie Baby was very special to Ellen.

During the filming of Providence, Ellen had to fly home. With all the work that was being done on the mansion, the contractors refurbishing the house never let us know how dangerous it could be for the animals, and soon some of them got very ill and began to die. The lead paint that was being scraped off the walls fell to the floor. The cats would then walk on the floors and then lick themselves. Ellen came back to be with her beloved Georgie Baby for she too was dying. I was there with Ellen when Georgie Baby passed away in her bedroom. This was a very sad time at the house.

Georgie Baby and Maggie (my dog) in my rooms where
we often stayed when Ellen was out of town

One of the postcards Ellen send to me while
she was filming 

Jefferson and Ellen Burstyn with William Smith,
 Bernard and Marilyn, and Georgie Baby
the cat at the Ferry House on the Hudson river

The begining of knowing that my time there was coming to an end.


Ellen with Eve La Gallienne

Ellen with Sam Sheppard

Ellen with Eve La Gallienne

Ellen with Sam Sheppard


Ellen with Eve Le Gallienne

Ellen and Sam Sheppard



This film was very close to me for I have almost died three times in this life. Two of the times were at Ellen’s mansion. One involved a fire in the part of the house that I lived in.  Another time, we were all celebrating the Bicentennial on July 4th, 1976 on the Hudson River. I was too shy to go to the bathroom off Ellen’s boat that we were on, so I got in the river and within moments the river took me away. I was saved by another person living in the house, William Smith.

My first near death experience was in South Beach, the southernmost part of Miami Beach.  I was five and almost drowned. Our family was staying at a hotel. My grandfather owned two hotels in South Beach, the Euclid and the Commodore. I do not know why we weren’t staying at either of them. We were staying somewhere else on the ocean around 5thStreet. I fell in the pool when I was walking by it. My father pulled me out. I know this because I watched it all happening from out of my body above the hotel. As was also the case in the experience on the Hudson, I left my body and traveled towards great light and was met by a group of souls that I felt immediately a kinship to. It was as if we all knew each other. And through their eyes I knew that they were all people that had loved me, or come before me, or souls that were watching over me. They let me know that I couldn’t stay, that it wasn’t my time, and that I had things to do, and within seconds I was back in my body. Each experience took me to a further place where I could never be the same as I was prior to them. My consciousness kept expanding.

As Ellen was finishing the film “Resurrection”, I had come to see that I must leave her home in Snedens Landing to follow my own journey and to leave all Ellen was teaching me. I could not get what I was looking for there. It was a difficult choice, but I have never been a person afraid of surviving for I had been doing it all my life. I have never been able to allow people to control me from the very beginning of my life. It’s just the way I was born.

So I left Ellen to meet my own fate. I found a wonderful apartment in New York City on the upper west side on 75th street right off Columbus Avenue. I worked as a waiter at Carnegie Deli and began to sing and look for work as a singer and actor. I had to go on and achieve my own dreams. It seems I’ve always been able to draw powerful people and minds to me.

At Carnegie Deli I began to meet a group of great entertainers who came in all the time. There are too many to mention but I had my favorites and I was their favorite waiter and they would request I wait on them. Among them were Henny Youngman, George Jessel, and the incomparable Ruth Gordon and Garsin Kanin. Henny Youngman and George Jessel would come and sit at the front tables. Henny Youngman always would yell out to me “Hey little mishgeit”. George Jessel and Henny would laugh and talk. Everyone wanted to say hello to them. They were the center of attention. But my all-time favorites were Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin. I’m a short man and they were my size. I would ask them questions because one of my favorite films is the autobiographical movie “The Actress”. They always gave me encouragement and told me to always be myself and it will come to me.

George Jessel

Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin 

Henny Youngman

During the time I worked at Carnegie Deli in the late seventies, I studied with some of the great acting teachers of the day. I auditioned all the time. I met the wonderful young actor, Lenny Baker, who was on Broadway starring in “I Love My Wife” (which he won the Tony Award for). He also starred in the film “Next Stop Greenwich Village”. He would remain a friend until his death. We saw each other about two weeks before he died in Hallandale Beach, Florida.  When we first met in New York, I would walk my dog where I was living and let her go in the park that was right across from the subway station at 72nd Street in what they used to call Needle Park. He kept thinking I was one of his old boyfriends. We became friends. We enjoyed each other. We would go out for lunches. One of favorites we would go was Ruskays. He was a very sweet man. I think of him all the time and miss him. He also showed me many things that a shy man just never sees.

Lenny Baker

Lenny and Shelley Winters

The Wonderful Lenny Baker


Lenny and the great Ellen Greene

Lenny Baker

I started to sing all around New York and this led me to Miami, Florida. My beloved dog Maggie would pass away soon after I got there.

my beloved Maggie

Andrew was in his sophomore year of his first college degree, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and home for Christmas break. It was 1981. We met at the Marlin Beach Hotel; the hotel where the 1960 film “Where the Boys Are” was filmed and starred George Hamiltion, Dolores Hart, Paula Prentiss, Connie Francis, Yvette Mimieux , Jim Hutton, and Frank Gorshin. Because of that film, the Marlin was a safe place for gay men and women to meet. It had become a hotel catering to gays and lesbians. We took our time and on the last night of his break, we went out for ice cream. When we came out of the ice cream shop with our cones, getting ready to get in the car, we looked across the car top where our eyes met and our souls opened up to each other and we have never been apart since. Love is a powerful thing.

The Victor Hotel

Andrew At the Victor Hotel

The Marlin Beach Hotel

The Marlin Beach Hotel

The Victor Hotel at Miami Beach

Andrew 1981

AndrewReach and Bruce Baumwoll 1981 starts taking pictures


Andrew on Miami Beach and the Victor Hotel 1981

Andrews note to me

We decided to meet again during spring break. We stayed at the Victor Hotel on South Beach. Miami Beach at that time had not yet undergone its reinvention. The hotel was Kosher and occupied by elderly Jewish people. Everyone was wonderful to us. On the first day, as we walked to the beach, my Andrew went ahead of me. It was there that I first saw his back. It wasn’t like anyone else’s that I had ever seen. It looked like a persons’ very defined chest, as if his head was on wrong. I wanted to run from fear of what it meant. But I am a man that has always had visions and in a second I saw and heard one at the same time. Are you going to give up real love and companionship because he isn’t perfect? And I answered back to myself, no. Our life has been blessed so many times, even though the journey has been one of great adversity and obstacles that we could never have imagined from what we think of as a good life. The next year, after he graduated from the University of Florida, we moved to New York City in the summer of 1982.

Getting ready to move to New York City

Andrew in our little apartment right off Riverside Drive

Me in our first home right off Riverside Drive


Looking out our window at Riverside Drive and the park

Andrew going to his first Architecture job

We began life on the upper west side of NYC in a hotel that we rented a room in that had its own kitchen.  I watched Andrew walk up to Broadway from Riverside Drive to his first job. We lived there for about six months. Life was all in front of us. We lived there till my ex-wife decided she did not want to live in the apartment that she had gotten and fixed up on Charles Street at Hudson Avenue in Greenwich Village because it was too noisy. This would be our first real home and would bring in our first animals that we saved, Katie the dog who was found in central park on a cold march day, and Diva the cat. We were in Central Park. Andrew was taking pictures for his class at Pratt.

The day we found Katie in Central Park New York City going home

Diva at home on Charles Street

Diva and the good life

Our apartment at 105 Charles Street,
Greenwich Village, NYC

End of Chapter 1


I wish to thank my lifetime partner Andrew Reach for his technical assistance. Digital technology has opened me up as a way of communicating. The speed of my brain can now sync with the speed of the computer. Through Andrew’s patience and technical skills, he has enabled me to learn and become free in this new digital world. There’s nothing more powerful than love and trust.

Bruce Baumwoll

Dr. Kildaire Show – 1962 – Tiger Tiger starring Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain

How many of us watch Dr. Kildare with a very young Richard Chamberlain.   My family and I never missed a Show. I fell in love  with Yvette Mimieux  when she was on in Tiger Tiger., They when on to star in the film  Joy In The Morning.

My little film on- Joy In The Morning



MV5BMTk1MzEwMDQxOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDA4MzM2._V1_SY450_SX427_Richard Chamberlain

sweater-yvetteYvette Mimieux

richard_chamberlain26Richard Chamberlain

yvette_mimieux_neworange_CNzndGd.sizedYvette Mimieux

three-stars-shine2_daleRichard Chamberlain

TYGTYG-LIFEYvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux continues her surfing. She and Kildare go to the beach at night and they “make out”. He is infatuated with her but cant get her to accept the epilepsy. She has many smaller siezures. Kildare meets all the beach bums and beatnicks of that time. Ultimately she goes for a surf, catches the wave off her life and has a grand mal siezure at the same time. She drowns and Kildare is there to pronounce her dead. GREAT episode with a sad ending.

TYGTYG-PHOTO1Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


hqdefaultYvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


















The Fabulous photographs from, private collection Jean- Arrow Camanile


The Fabulous photographs from,  private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile


 private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-03private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-04private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-06private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-07private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-08private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-beach35thstreet09private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-sid&Irvs-02private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-sid01private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

Rockaway Remember by Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleen Kelly, Sheila & Eileen — with sheila lavin and Sheila Magill Lavin01

 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleen05 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenDad brother John & brother Danny02 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenFrankie & Mom06 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenJohn love the carriage talk about back in the day lol-03 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenJohn, Ann, Sheila & Eileen Old Stella & St Johns — with Ann MaGill Mcgann.07 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenWith Edward Knott.06 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-07Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-08Photo credit :  Anthony Marcian

anthony-marciana-tina-09Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-10Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-11Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana01Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana02Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana03Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana04Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana05Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-06Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

Rockaway In The Early Years , From the Private Collection : of William Auer

 Photographs From  William Auer  collection  : 

To read all about this great man, go to Rockaway Memories  There are articles that tell great stories  by Stevie Stevens.

For History there is no better site then Marty Nislick :

williamauer7Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer8Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer9Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer14Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer15Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer16Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer18Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauerPhotographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer3Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer4Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer5Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer6Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 09Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 06Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 05Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 04Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 03Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 02Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 01Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

The Power Of Woman Who Love Woman – Song from Burlesque- Express by Christina Aguilera