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Rockaways – Jeffrey Bey , Shares his family photographs From Far Rockaway

Rockaways Own

Jeffrey Bey Shares His Memories

My uncle Ed, (standing on the left) in front of Falcaro's bowling alley. (Photo taken just after WWII)

From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

8461_611994362151594_2071004540_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

278245_244142982270069_2027314_oFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

279591_244224115595289_5553212_oFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

993036_611981888819508_1609239797_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

995037_612836802067350_1666197718_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

998247_612838002067230_512097200_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

999885_612514065432957_27054253_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1002976_611993408818356_1794218342_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1003426_612830172068013_1246559339_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1009758_612838715400492_954493175_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1012991_612046988812998_2130345965_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1013485_612572215427142_1201304766_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1016780_612561548761542_2117073851_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

1017166_612838988733798_880358925_nFrom Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

A birthday at the Pickwick. (Central Ave. Far Rockaway) 1958 — with Mom.From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

Hangin with my boys on Eggert Place in Far Rock. (1959) I'm on the left,blond hair and all. From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

My dad polishing up his 1958 Caddy on Eggert Place in Far Rockaway.From Private Collection : Jeffrey Bey

Walt Disney’s Summer Magic, Movie Stills And Videos

Summer Magic – Movie Stills – Doris Day Sings “Que Sera, Sera
Walt Disney’s Summer Magic, Starring:

Hayley Mills
Dorothy McGuire
Burl Ives
Deborah Walley
Una Merkel
Eddie Hodges
Michael J. Pollard
Peter Brown
James Stacy


summer dolls


Click  here to see my Photo Stills Gallery from the Film Summer Magic

The Power of Women Who Love Women – lesbian – Express Christina Aguilera

For All You Girls










Dr. Kildaire Show – 1962 – Tiger Tiger starring Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain

How many of us watch Dr. Kildare with a very young Richard Chamberlain.   My family and I never missed a Show. I fell in love  with Yvette Mimieux  when she was on in Tiger Tiger., They when on to star in the film  Joy In The Morning.

My little film on- Joy In The Morning



MV5BMTk1MzEwMDQxOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDA4MzM2._V1_SY450_SX427_Richard Chamberlain

sweater-yvetteYvette Mimieux

richard_chamberlain26Richard Chamberlain

yvette_mimieux_neworange_CNzndGd.sizedYvette Mimieux

three-stars-shine2_daleRichard Chamberlain

TYGTYG-LIFEYvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux continues her surfing. She and Kildare go to the beach at night and they “make out”. He is infatuated with her but cant get her to accept the epilepsy. She has many smaller siezures. Kildare meets all the beach bums and beatnicks of that time. Ultimately she goes for a surf, catches the wave off her life and has a grand mal siezure at the same time. She drowns and Kildare is there to pronounce her dead. GREAT episode with a sad ending.

TYGTYG-PHOTO1Yvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


hqdefaultYvette Mimieux & Richard Chamberlain


















The Fabulous photographs from, private collection Jean- Arrow Camanile


The Fabulous photographs from,  private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile


 private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-03private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-04private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-06private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-07private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-94thsturrican1961-08private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-beach35thstreet09private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-sid&Irvs-02private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

jean-arnow-camanile-sid01private collection : Jean Arrow Camanile

Rockaway Remember by Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleen Kelly, Sheila & Eileen — with sheila lavin and Sheila Magill Lavin01

 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleen05 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenDad brother John & brother Danny02 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenFrankie & Mom06 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenJohn love the carriage talk about back in the day lol-03 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenJohn, Ann, Sheila & Eileen Old Stella & St Johns — with Ann MaGill Mcgann.07 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

Eileen-Magill-BrennanKathleenWith Edward Knott.06 private collection : Eileen-Magill-Brennan

From The Private Rockaways Collection Of : Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-07Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-08Photo credit :  Anthony Marcian

anthony-marciana-tina-09Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-10Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-11Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana01Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana02Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana03Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana04Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana05Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

anthony-marciana-tina-06Photo credit :  Anthony Marciana

Rockaway In The Early Years , From the Private Collection : of William Auer

 Photographs From  William Auer  collection  : 

To read all about this great man, go to Rockaway Memories  There are articles that tell great stories  by Stevie Stevens.

For History there is no better site then Marty Nislick :

williamauer7Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer8Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer9Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer14Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer15Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer16Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer18Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauerPhotographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer3Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer4Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer5Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

williamauer6Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 11Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 10Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 09Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 06Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 05Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 04Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 03Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 02Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 01Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

Auer 12Photographs From  William Auer  collection  

The Power Of Woman Who Love Woman – Song from Burlesque- Express by Christina Aguilera











The Photographs From : Michael Gottlieb, Going Back To Far Rockaway High School

I want to thank Michael for allowing me to share these wonderful photos


Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb02Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb03Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb04Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb05Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb06Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb07Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb08Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb09Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb10Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb11Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb12Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb13Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb14Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb15Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb16Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb

michaelGottlieb21Photo courtesy :  Michael Gottlieb